Singing Workshops

So my last blog post got me thinking.. I really should just get my self together and put on some singing workshops!

Next month I will host my first singing workshop, focusing on performance. This will only be open to my private signing students, but after the trial run I will be opening it up to the public.

What can you expect from a singing workshop?

I aim to cover many different aspects of singing and performance. And also to make them accessible to beginners and professionals alike. I won’t be splitting the singers up into groups of ability as it’s my firm belief that we can all learn from each other. It’s a cliche, but I learn from my students every day.

The main sections of the workshops will be:

Meet and greet

It’s so important to get to know each other. There will probably be a lot of nerves and anxiety in the room and I think it’s always good to know that you’re not alone and lots of people feel the same way.

Group Warm Up

A lot of workshops don’t do a vocal warmup but I think it is crucial. It adds to the energy of the group and helps everyone arrive mentally. Not to mention the positive effect it has on your voice. I wouldn’t want anyone to strain themselves in the performance section because they didn’t have time to warm up.

Solo Performances

This will be the main part of the workshop. I will ask everyone attending to sing one song in front of everyone, and then I will work on that song with them in front of the rest of the group. I will work on any number of things, depending on what the workshop is focused on and also what comes up with each individual. This could be anything from performance and presentation skills to vocal and breath work or acting through song. It really depends on the individual and what I feel would benefit the group.

Group technique work

I aim to cover one vocal technique or sound in each workshop e.g. belting, twang etc. One thing I find with my individual classes is that some of my students are afraid of making noise. It comes from a shyness, concern for my neighbours, or a social etiquette not to make too much noise. Well, I’m against it. I think it will really benefit everyone to make some noise together. You can’t be held responsible or singled out if everyone is doing it and I hope that will bring people more vocal freedom. Let’s find out!

Something social!

After spending 3 or 4 hours with people, watching them go through really quite personal journeys with their voices and songs, its hard just to walk away, We’ve bonded by this point so I will always try to stick around afterwards and socialise with people and I encourage everyone else to do the same.


So that’s it. Short and sweet this month, but I am planning some big things right now. So thank you all for your support. I hope to see you at a singing workshop very soon! If you want to show your interest then please get in contact here or leave me a comment below.

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