9 Pantomime Traditions

I’ve been in “Pantoland” for 48 days now, not that I’m counting! It all seems pretty normal. But from the outside, I can understand, that it can all look a little crazy! So what can you expect from your local pantomime?

There are so many traditions, and not every pantomime will include every single one as they try to give something a little different each year for their returning audiences. So here is a little list of 12 pantomime traditions you may see at a pantomime near you.

1. The Prince and Princess

The heroes of the story. These two principle characters will go on a journey or adventure, development and love. It will seem like everything gets in their way and goes wrong but they are destined to be together. Can they manage to defeat their nemesis?

2. Good and Evil


3. Double Entendre

4. Audience Participation

5. Pantomime Horse

6. Specific Scenes

7. Songsheet

8. Music

9. The Dame



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