NY Resolutions for Singers

So here we are. It’s 15th January and, by now, I’ sure most people have hit a slump. Christmas and New Year’s Eve was awesome, but now we feel stuck. Did you make any resolutions for this coming year? Have you managed to stick with them? Let me know in the comments.


I’ve never been one to make any. The big ones, like eating healthily, getting fit, being a better person etc etc are wonderful but so broad that it’s no wonder we can’t stick to them.

So today, I thought I would tackle some of these broad resolutions for singers. Really break them down and see what they would like like.

1. Practice every day

We all want to do it. So why don’t we? Two reasons. Firstly, most people don’t really know what good practice is. And secondly, taking on any new daily habit is borderline impossible with most people’s schedules.

So, what is good practice?

You need to be practicing your technique, rather than just singing songs. Always begin with your siren. You can learn a lot by focusing on this alone! If you have time, then do some scales and vocal exercises. Maybe focus on a different one in each practice session. And only after all of this should you then be singing songs. And even then, break it down. Is there one phrase you struggle with? Then that is what you should be practicing repeatedly, if you know how to fix it. If not then, ask for help!

And for those days when you just don’t have time to practice. Just siren. I include this as practice. I know it doesn’t feel like much but it really is so much better then nothing. For example, if you’re away for an entire week, this breaks your routine. You have a choice. You can give up and toss your resolution out the window. Or! You can commit to siren every single day, even if it’s in the shower! Your voice (and teacher) will thank you. A week later your voice will be a much better place the if you’d decided to do nothing at all.

2. Raise my Profile

This phrase is thrown around a lot and is pretty meaningless. Setting this goal probably won’t help you do much. You need to be more specific. Your heart is in the right place, but what does it mean for you?

Some ideas:

Online and social media profiles

If your target audience is of the social media era then this is so important, if you are a professional. If you are not, then I would advise you to put your energy elsewhere, like practicing!

Work out a couple of platforms that work for your audience and focus on those. Know your audience and post accordingly. Once you are familiar, then set yourself a realistic posting schedule.


Performing is one of the best ways to raise your profile. It’s the easiest way to get seen! Like with social media, work out your target audience and seek out the venues that suit them. Put on your own cabaret or showcase. Or if that sounds terrifying, and you need to gain experience, check out open mic nights in your area.


This seems so old fashioned now, but for some it really does work. If you have an act that is for hire, like a wedding band or you are a teacher, then advertising could work for you. Again, you need to know your audience. If you want to teach children, then a poster on a school notice board could work. But if you have that wedding band then online advertising like on Facebook or Google could draw in a lot of business for you.


3. Regular lessons

This isn’t me touting for business! Regular lessons are so important, whether you are just starting out or are an old pro! You need someone to keep you in check vocally. And the regularity of lessons is key as it allows your teacher to build up a flow with you, rather than having to start again each lesson.

I totally understand that the main reason people don’t stick with this is money. Everyone’s situation is different so you have to work out what is right for you. Set a budget for yourself. What can you realistically afford? And once you’ve found the right teacher for you, then talk to them about it. I would much rather see a student every single 3 weeks and know that that’s their lesson. Than just booking a lesson here and there. Sometimes weekly and then nothing for six weeks. The regularity helps both of us structure your lessons and you will make so much more progress.


I hope this is helped some of you have a clearer picture of what you can focus on this year. I look forward to welcoming my students back one by one. Let’s set some goals together and help yo achieve what you want to.

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